Awakening the World E Tour London 2012 ,Feedback.  

 Nithya Kriya, LBP2 - two day programme:

 Surjit Chag, Kent,  UK – So far the program has been superb. I feel already as though like I have cleared things up with myself. I found the death meditation very powerful yesterday and also the pain meditation this morning has been very good bringing things up that I had not realised affect me from childhood that I need to let go of. This is a beautiful experience and I am so grateful to be here. Thank you to Swamiji for allowing this opportunity.I would recommend LBP2 to everyone. It's a total cleansing experience that leave you felling like you've journied back in your life and undone knots that you didn't even realise were affecting you today. Most of all the love and support of the 'family' and Swamiji's presence is so moving that, that alone is life transforming. I am grateful for this experience.
 Thank you.

Marta, London, UK – The program is amazing the power energy of Nithyananda is super strong. I feel blessed to be in his presence and it is still very powerful even through conference connection. I did learn and realised a lot. Very helpful and recommended to anyone who want to live peaceful and happy life. Blessings M.
Aang Aakka, London, UK – the processes used in this workshop are very powerful. I have been working with issues in my life that I found very limiting & was under the impression that I had already resolved them. I was surprised to see that there was more depth to them and memories that I seemingly forgotten has come up to the surface again. These processes have given me great clarity on who I thought I was as it has showed me the perspective that I was looking from. I wish to give my love and gratitude to all that made this event possible. Thanks and cosmic hugs to Dheera & Sat Roopini for allowing and giving me a chance to experience this workshop. Love and blessings, Aang.
Atmadayaki , London, UK - excellent program . Well organised by l
Life Bliss UK. Informative and totally transformational.
Naren Mistry, London, UK - good overall quality of programme. Good food. Points of improvement: venue could have been better ( e.g. toilet facility poor ). Sound quality of audio.
Rehila Hamid, London, UK - the programme has been very beneficial to me. I have released lots of blocked emotions, reliving the process, it's a good way of letting go. The meditations are a good way to reflect on your life. I enjoyed the darkness one. Food was nice.
Radoslav , Sofia, Bulgaria - For me everything was OK. The place, the food, the people was much more than necessary. The event was prepared with a lot of attention and care. I felt loving atmosphere and attitude . All their best efforts for us to be able to experience the unclutched space and to have best benefit. So I really don't have any recommendations for the organisers. Really for me this event was perfect in all aspects. I will keep my spiritual experiences non verbalized. With gratitude and love. Radoslav.
Perttu, Tampere, Finland - very intense course. Difficult things to face / think about. The feeling of gratitude felt very uplifting. Mystical experiences, very powerful sometimes scary.
Dhiren , Essex, UK - A transformational weekend. So glad I made time to take part and very lucky indeed to be blessed with Swamiji.
Anoma, East Ham , UK - It'a a sheer bliss to be in Swami Nithyananda. I am truly happy the words cannot explain. It's a true happiness which comes within. I am truly fulfilled. The whole programme was well organised. Very, very kind volunteers ready to help regardless. The,  enlighten beens. ( Only one lady was a bit mean about the extra curry when I asked can you give me more gravy . I told her it was difficult to eat without gravy. ) Other than that the full organisation is a bliss. Lovely people regardless of what you are. I truely happy to be with Swamiji Sanga the lady , ( Maneesha ) is wonderful with kind heart. I am looking forward to go on the ship with Swamiji. Ma Sarvika was wonderful and lots of lovely energy. Many thanks for all the help, without you all we won't be here today. Love Anoma.
Sri Ananda Prema Sakhi , London UK- It was already 3rd program contucted by Swamiji that I have attended, but it was still as intense as everand even more so than other programs. I have experienced ever expanding transformational process, that bought me deeper awarness of my negative patterns and the healing that comes with it - sense of liberation lightness, joy, fearlessness to count a few. I have physically experienced kundalini energy vibrations in my body, deep meditative states I had not experienced before, sense of well being and peace.
Marija, Croatia - Amazing two days. It was a little Inner Awakening. I have no words to describe my gratitude to be here and see miracles and transformations in front of me. Especially I was amazed about energy of time and space in Kala Bhairava. I will celebrate him through other human and living beings and spread his glory like he said. In Nithyananda , Marija.
Roger Street, UK - A really amazing 4 days. I had very little idea of what to expect so I came, ( I hope ) , with an open mind was really blown away by the information, the energy, and the total commitment of the volunteers. I've spent time with many teachers , masters and avatars but have never found anything more practical to help evolve in a spiritual sense.
Appiah Sackey, Enfield , UK - I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to do the programme. I feel it has been amazingly carthatic and healing for me. I feel unburdened and lighter. I thank Swamiji for his love and blessings. Big love, Appiah.
Nithya Sarvika, London, UK - Each time I sit in Swami's presence and participate in any of the programs I am left with an experience of immense gratitude.
Judith, Cheshire, England - Had the most enjoyable time ever! The programmes were just magical, didn't want it to end. Kalabairava was amazing. Our great master period!! No words can express how Judith is feeling. With love from Judith.
Shyam, London UK - A very transforming programme. The programme was very well run. Well done London Sangha. Thanks.
Robert, London, UK - I attended the Awakening the World Tour in London 2012. I had a lot of questions and a number of doubts before I attended the first session. The doubts I had, I now realise were self doubts but from the  very first session I realised my doubts were groundless and my questions were answered. The only problem has been that as each of my questions was answered , new questions have arisen but I now want to attend an Inner Awakening programme & I intend to do this on the cruise when I will finally get to meet Swamiji.
 The programme has opened my eyes to the possibilities of inner bliss and enlightenment .
Dino Petrides, London, UK - I greatly enjoyed and benefited from the programme and I am grateful to all those who organized and contributed to it from the volunteers all the way to Swamiji. Thank you and God Bless, Dino.
Christina, Icici, Croatia - The LBP2 program was very intensive for me and I'm so happy that I could attend it. I was also very excited about an akashc reading. I'm very thankful for be here to have my life new.
Anita, Zadar, Croatia - These 3 days were the most amazing ones I've ever had!!! I had kundalini experience and I relieved a lot of fears, guilt and feel reborn after the progam. My next program will be IA definitely. Thank you Swamiji!
Stefan, Forres, Scotland - You did a good job. I am happy to be here. Thank you - Stefan.
Sean Sharkey, Donegal, Ireland - The most wonderful weekend, very enriching and transformative. Thank you Swamiji for all and everything . Love Mahaan.
Eva Halasi , Shrewsbury, UK - I feel so blessed to be able to be here. Swamiji gave us the message that: ' Nothing needs to be done. The rest of my life is only the extension of my excess energy.' It so much entered into my being that I feel fulfilled since. Laala Bhairava Darshan showered us all with so much love and embracing care and fulfilling bliss. Thank you Swamiji fo all your blessings . Thank you Kaala Bhairava. The energy in the hall was very light during the program. Swamiji's energy & presence was sensible in the hall and shook us at core the same way like being in his physical presence. During Kaala Bhairava Darshan the energy was so intense many of usexperienced intanse kudalini awakening. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. :)
Chris Wood, Thetford, UK - Amazing. After a life time of suffering and torment, I now feel inner peace and moments of bliss. This is priceless.



 Manifest Your Reality - one day programme:

Judith Griffiths, Cheshire England – very enjoyable programme the powerful effect of Kalabairava’s energy visibly seen in everyone.
Perttu Koppinen, Tampere, Finland – this was my first time attending a course very interesting & intense! I was a little nervous at first but the fear subsided. Nice food and nice people thank you !
Chris Wood, Thetford, UK – Amazing sense of bliss and physical feeling of flowing energy all over my body.
Narayanata Nair , London UK – Wonderful experience energy was so high plenty to take home. Thank you may God bless you all.
Niko Perez Southampton, UK – Very intense experience – I came for and thanks to my life partner Jessica Klar who’s been introducing me into this would since a while now. I must admit that was definitely a positive outcome of it. My next step will be to meditate deeply and intensively in order to assist to the next Inner Awakening in December 2012.Thanks for this changing experience to all the organising people who were very kind and available at all times. See U on the cruise – Niko
Jessica Klar, Southampton, UK - This was my second program with Life Bliss Foundation and my first time in two – way video – conferencing with Swamiji.
The experience of this program has given me some important teachings: Not to be expecting something in advance; to have full confidence in the universe;meditation technique to awaken kundalini energy; it was the first time I heard of Kalabairave darshan and it was amazing to be part of this very special Kalabairava darshan. Thank you for  blessing me by saying that I will come to IA in December 2012. Best congratulations to the volunteers. A great job on venue, organization, food and managing with technical problems. Also great to meet everybody and to see what a great group of people they are. And yes, looking forward to be on the IA cruise.

Anita Kamysz, London – Amazing time and experience.
Karolina Kmiec, London – very special energy flow, awareness so much higher and I’m very grateful. XX
Monica Purcell, London UK – It was a truly amazing day. Much more than I was expecting. I came with an open mind but still a great skeptic. I’m happy to say I now have a very open mind regarding mystic world. Thoroughly enjoyed my day. The quality of the food was excellent and abundant.
Christina , Croatia – It was very extraordinary to be on this program . I’m really enjoi it.
Anita Poljak, Zadar, Croatia – It was an extraordinary experience seeing people get healed and jump around. I was blown away with the force, the energy that came true. I’m looking forward to tomorrows program.
Ilies Jovanovic -, Rijeka, Croatia -  I was the first one notice my friend big change with eyes. So Nithyanandam to everybody.
Starcic Narija – Opatija, Croatia – Thank you Swamiji! I have a new eyes, literally and physically. You took away that pattern which caused a fog in my eyes and anya chakra. Thank you Kalabhairava and thank you consciousness. Love.
Swami Mahaan, Ireland London -  Spent a wonderful day here in the presence of a living incarnation, master experienced lots of light and love.  Thank you for this wonderful experience Namaha Shiva.
Shyam Nath, London UK – I enjoyed participating in the program and I am grateful to Kalabhriva in blessing me.
Roger Street, London UK - Today I saw and experienced things I've only read in books. Everything I could possibly want or need was being shown to me, but at the same time my mind wanted to run a hundred miles to get away - back to my comfort zone  - a boring everday life. On the way home I saw the pattern I'm holding - spiritual window shopping, looking but not buying . With Swamij's grace perhaps I can overcome my fears.


2012 The Year of Awakening Free Talk:

Nick Nair , Slough UK. – I found the talk good. It was comforting to hear that we can create the future beyond 2012.
Vija yarag1963@gmail.com UK – I did a bit of psychology and know how the mind works on an unconscious and conscious level and this, ( talk ) , is more to do with thinking positive and improving your life.
Judith Griffiths, Warrington UK – after the whole thing I feel elated
Mellisa , London UK – The message was very profound and is going to prove to be a great strength. Throughout the breathing techniques and meditation I felt a great sense of relief, clarity and an immense feeling of being centred with a clear direction and amazing things to come.
Roger, Croydon , UK – The talk was very interesting . His energy was beautiful and so natural.  You  can tell he is truly himself and truly natural. I felt a lot of kundalini energy through the meditation.
Shama,London- A great opportunity for everyone to come out of the illusion of materialism. Great opportunity for awakening . The meditation was very fine.
Jay Koby , Ilford , London -  The meditation was peaceful . It has left me wanting to learn more.
Chris Wood , Norfolk , UK -  I enjoyed the meditation . I am a little it nervous and excited about the weekend programs.
Mark , Thailand – This was the first time I have met Swamiji. I was glad I came. I really liked his simple clear message. It resonated with me. I felt the energy in the room even before he came on. The meditation was great although I found the music distracting.
Bob McGechan, East Ham , London. -  I have been watching Swamiji for 2 or 3 years now and I found this very enlightening from the point of view of being with other people and how He answers the various questions put to Him. I am looking forward to the various workshops this weekend. I like the way that the concepts are broken down into basic components. Meditation helps me in my daily work as a construction project manager.



  Healing Testimonials.

Just wanted to express my gratitude for the healing that I received at the Mind Body Soul Exhibition!:) It was the best healing I have ever received in my entire life. I felt physical sensations all over my body. The sensations could be compared to taking a warm Love bath. The warmth embraced and circulated throughout my entire body, concentrating on the areas that needed more attention. Although the healing lasted for not more than 10 minutes, it felt like time stopped for a while. True bliss and euphoria!! Highly recommended!! Thank you, LifeBliss. Love & light. xx - Elina Vasilevska



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