Thursday, 16 August 2012

2012 Awakening The World E-Tour - LONDON - November 1 - 4

World tour Update

Unfortunately for us the 2012 World Tour has been postponed to 2013.  Swamiji is required to stay in India and put to rest a false charge filed against him some 2 years ago. We apologize for the inconvenience that we have caused some of you.

The good news!
Swamiji in His inimitable style has decided to go on a e-World-Tour as a beautiful gift to all the cities who have been preparing for his tour. Swamiji will be conducting most of these classes himself personally via our special HD video conferencing equipment from India.

 It is going to be a treat to the participants as everyone gets to personally interact with Him through personal questions answered during different sessions.

The London dates, prices and location remain the same.

From our experience these e-programs are extraordinarily powerful, as the energy of an enlightened master cannot be contained locally, but is experienced by those taking these programs as though he is totally present in that room.  

Internationally reputable brain researchers have studied this phenomenon and report that “Yes” indeed the people in rooms  up to 9,000 miles away from Nithyananda are responding to his energy by going into meditative states as deep as any ever recorded.

Register now for the free talk, the one day program and the weekend program by going to:

To review:
Thursday November 1st- Free talk- 7pm-9pm

Friday November 2nd: One day workshop- Manifest Your Reality

·         Clarity about our perceptions in life
·         Power to alter life situations
·         Healing of chronic physical and mental ailments
·         Effortless abundance and success
·         More fulfilling relationships

Saturday and Sunday November 3-4th- weekend workshop- Life Bliss Program Level 2

Learn how to heal:

·         Physical pain and fear of pain
·         Karma and past life trauma
·         Unconscious conflicting desires
·         Residual childhood fears
·         Guilt’s due to societal conditioning

Register now for the free talk, the one day program and the weekend program by going to:

Again we apologize for the inconvenience we have caused some of you.

November 1 - 4

November 1 - Free Talk, 19:00 - 21:00


November 2 - One Day Workshop

Discover the ability to create what you want
Illuminate your life with enlightened consciousness

November 3 and 4 - Two Day Workshop

Experience whole being transformation
Experience Bliss

Free Satsang Daily 7 - 9 am



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