In December 2012, Paramahamsa Nithyananda blessed London with the Spiritual name of Kashi.

Kashi (“the luminous one”) is another name for the holy city of Varanasi on the banks of the river Ganges. It is one of seven sacred cities in Hinduism. It is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world and the oldest in India. There are 15,000 verses in the Skanda Purana vedic text describing the glory of the city. It was historically a centre of literature, art, culture and learning. Lord Shiva is said to have described Kashi as follows: "The three worlds form one city of mine, and Kashi is my royal palace therein."

Lord Kaala Bhairava is a manifestation of Lord Shiva and is the Lord of Kashi. Kaala Bhairava is the lord of time space. Kalashtami / Bhairavashtami, is the most auspicious day dedicated to Lord Kaala Bhairava, commemorating the day He appeared on earth (in 2013, the day falls on 23 November).

Lord Kala Bhairava is also known as Kshetrapalaka, the guardian of the temple. In honor of this, keys to the temple are ceremonially submitted to Lord Kaala Bhairava at temple closing times and are received from him at opening time. The vahana (vehicle) of Lord Kaala Bhairava is the dog. Feeding and taking care of dogs is another way of showing devotion to Lord Kaala Bhairava.



On the 17th October we had a very special opportunity to conduct meditation and give Nithya Spiritual Healing to a large group of people in London. The London College of Spirituality kindly gave us this opportunity.

Dheera was to lead the group and together with 3 other Nithya Spiritual Healers to give healing to all present. We had a quick meeting while the room, beautifully laid with candles and fairy lights, began to fill up. In our meeting we decided how we would manage to heal the whole room in under 1.5 hours.

The background music got the soft healing vibes going and then we began the session after a few announcements. As a team we were so excited to be doing this, so we started giving healing to the 76 people in the room one by one. We gave two rounds of healing to the whole group, had a 10min break and then started a longer session on each individual. By the end of our healing sessions I turned back and took a moment to witness what was happening. There was deep silence and there was oneness in the room, each person and as a collective including the healers were soaked in bliss, a higher consciousness space. It was one of the most beautiful moments of my life to see such love and compassion in the room. A glimpse into what is possible for all of us all of the time. I cannot express in words the deep joy I felt from this experience. Gratitude to all who made themselves available on the evening of 17th Oct at the London College of Spirituality Meetup.


The preparations for the World Tour continue and the momentum seems to be picking up. We are sharing more intensely about Swamiji with everyone and enjoying being together as volunteers. One of the places we decided to share about The World Tour was at The Mind Body and Soul event from the 28th to the 30th September.

This is the first time Life Bliss UK was exhibiting at an event like Mind Body and Soul. Our main aim was to share about the World Tour and to give Free Healing to everyone interested.

I was personally very excited about giving healing.  As an initiated Nithya healer this my favourite gift to give to people around me. Anytime, anywhere nithya spiritual healing is for free.

I had no idea what to expect from the 3 days I was going to be there.  I got there with a bunch of orange roses for the stand on the Friday morning at 11.00am and helped set up the stand.  As the incense gently spread through the air I waited for the first person to come along that I could share with. That moment came and after that before I knew, it was 3.45pm and then the first break I took was at 5.05 and another few minutes later the day was done. We were packing up at 6.30pm. The day was so fulfilling that time had passed by like a breeze. Seeing people completely relax within a few minutes that too in a busy exhibition was a treat to watch. Everyone looked more radiant and reported feeling incredibly relaxed after the 5 to 10 min session with us. Some did not want to open their eyes as they were so happy to be in that bliss filled state.

Between the two of us we had given free healing to 56 people that day.  No wonder time passed by so fast and the next two days passed by just as fast. Some of them had tears rolling down their eyes and some just had a deep bliss filled smile. The tears were filled with joy as if they had finally gotten something they had been looking for. To be there for me was such an amazing honour. We healed a further 68 people on day 2 and day 3 as well I was just buzzing with energy. There were more healers at the stand and more people attended the event. At the end of the 3 days we had given healing to 210 people.

It has been one of the most rewarding tasks I have ever participated in. So much so that I am inspired to create a Healing centre in the centre of London. I see a space for people to be able to come and drop in anytime to get healing for free. A space where mind, body and soul can get replenished, rejuvenated and realigned.


Yogis have for centuries lived without food, gaining health, longevity, energy and higher consciousness." 


 Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Living Without Food.
Over the last 2 months Swamiji has initiated 100s of devotees worldwide into Nirahara Samyama (1) - a yogic meditation process for freedom from hunger and thirst. The process is not a diet or fast. It is designed to awaken your bio memory to produce energy by itself without any food being fed into your system.
The process is 20 days, ( with 2, one day breaks ) , with no food and just a little juice. Those who are successful in this can go onto do a 21 day Samyama (2) -  that is 21 days without food  and with no breaks, that takes place in Swamiji's physical presence , The result of the second process is that participants loose the need or desire for food altogether. 

To participate in the Nirahara Samyama(1), initiates had to be in Swamijis presence physically or virtually , ( via  a 2 way video call ) , for a special meditation daily. Swamiji made it very clear that if one's body was showing signs of hunger then the initiate should eat and stop the Samyama.

Hundreds of participants have reported back that the during the Nirahara Samyama:
* food cravings drop away
* they feel years younger
* being more active
* increased stamina
* more energy than when dieting or fasting
* insights into bad eating habits
* weight loss where excess weight is a problem.

Watch Swamiji introduce the Nirahara Samyama

Here in the UK several devotees successfully completed the Nirahara  Samyama (1). Read on to find out how they found it........................

Ma Atmadayaki, London UK
I noticed I felt really light and I had more time to focus on the work at hand. Also a lot of my really unhealthy patterns were associated with food habits. I saw them being broken one by one. Example: I used to eat to suppress emotions and I found myself facing the emotion rather than wanting to eat during the samyama.

Also I realised I actually did not recognise hunger signals as I was used to eating because it was time to eat not because my body required food.

I found myself feeling happy and light.

Ma Sarvika, London UK -
when i first heard about the nirahara samyama... i was very clear it NOT for me..because food has been my companion ...during moments of joy or sadness one companion that stood by me as i went through the moment was was food!!!
Eventually when i heard my friends share their experiences and the miraculous shifts that happened in them, i was absolutely astounded!!!! 
This had me participate in the process...with the intention of allowing my body to avail the opportunity to explore and experience the deeper truths and possibilities about itself...... 
To my utter surprise, i actually went through the complete process of Nirahara Samyama!!! Remained ALIVE AND ACTIVE without taking in solid food for 20 days!! Experienced very high, intense Energy unfathomable amount of energy exploding from within..Raising my awareness and ability to stay focused to a whole new level.... ABSOLUTELY NO HUNGER PANGS!!! NO DESIRE TO EAT!!!! Total freedom from the pattern of 'looking for a  reason to eat'!!  WOW!!! 
Thank you Swami for making each of these profound experiences available and REAL for each one of us... Sharing it with us and guiding us in a way that appears to be so simple to accomplish!! Giving us an opportunity to explore the various deeper dimensions about our selves..... in nithyananda..nithya sarvika,,

Eva Halasi Manchester, UK
Nirahara Samyama was like an inner journey into my mind and patterns for me. It was a challenge for my mind not for my body. The body was fine. I felt energetic and more I pushed my body the more energy I had. I felt good, I felt light. I learned about my mind a great deal.The body was not starving during the samyama, only the mind felt deprived of food. The 3 levels of the samyama felt like making a progress while observing and experiencing my subtle abilities and inner power by allowing the power of the Cosmos to work through me. 
After completing the samyama I can say that my blood sugar became stable and my body doesn't seem to require my usual supplements. There is no more fear in me that if I do not eat then I will have no energy. My body and my mind know by experience now that there is sufficient energy available without food, as well. This inner knowing gives a certain peace within. Amazing experience!! I am looking forward to the 'The Samyama' in December. Thank You so much Swamiji!! :)'

Ma Nirvikalpini Devon, UK: The Nirahara Samyama was an amazing experience and insight into my body and how it ACTUALLY works not how i THINK it works. Also i  became acutely aware of how my mind  desires food for a myriad of reasons that are nothing to do with my body actually NEEDING it. Examples include : i eat because i am bored tired, feeling unloved, need a break and because i am programmed to eat at certain times. i also discovered that i was using food to suppress emotions . During the Samyama i had to sit with and work through emotional sticky points whereas before i would have just eaten to suppress the feelings and distract myself! Prior to this Samyama i  have attempted 2 day fasts and ended up lying on my bed with no energy and a headache! Thanks to Swamiji i was able to continue my physical work as a gardener with more stamina and energy than usual. :) .One more thing that i feel the Samyama developed in me was the ability to be more present in the here & now. On reflection i feel this is because usually my mind wanders to my next meal. As there was to be no next meal my mind had more of a tendency to stay in the present. Gratitude once again to beloved Swamiji for showering these wonderful gifts on us

Positive Message Flash Mob

Wake up Lodon organises these wonderful meet up opportunities to spread positive vibes. There is meditation and also spreading of positive messages/notes as part of the evening. So a few of us decided to go and participate for the evening. We needed a positive message which we were to hold in our hands and display it for people to read as they walked past.

The meeting started at 6.30pm on Tuesday the 28th August. We decided to meet at the steps of the National Potrait gallery to make the boards with the positive messages. We had so much fun making them. We then walked up to the spot we were meant to meet the rest of the group to start the evening. We looked around and started to see if we could spot people with boards in their hands like us. Soon enough one by one people started gathering and we all introduced ourselves, read each other messages and appreciated the creativity that was flowing.

The evening started with a short meditation and then we walked around holding our boards in front of us. We were to mingle and notice what happened. As a group we had prepared positive messages by Swamiji to hand out to everyone. So the 5 of us had cards with positive messages to hand out as well as boards to hold in our hands. It was an amazing experience. The energy got more and more friendly as the time passed. A group of Japanese performers came to display their musical talents and the atmosphere became a festive one. Passers by stopped by and took photographs of all of us and at one point there was bigger group of photographers than there were meditators.

After the highlights we decided to bring the eve to a close with another short meditation. The scent of insence speread as we got deeper into the meditation and a small light in the middle of the meditation circle kept us linked to our centre. After a few minutes we very gently completed, each one thanked the others and we finished for the evening.

Green Fair Devon

September 1st. Members of Devon Satsang centre attended a 'Green Fair ' to spread the news of Swamiji's UK visit. Set on the green against the  backdrop of Exeter city cathedral there were over 60 stalls promoting various aspects of 'Green ' living. They included stalls promoting Veganism, Buddhism,various charities, and different alternative health therapies. Over the day hundreds of people came through the fair.

Devon Satsang centre had steady interest from people drawn to the stand by Swamiji's beautiful photographic presence. Those that showed an interest were given postcards with details of and the 2012 tour. Several people also took the opportunity to receive free  Nithya Spiritual Healing. It was a joy to give people the opportunity to discover more about Paramahamsa Nithyananda.

Be Bliss Full 

Simple keys for blissful living
Be unclutched!
Liberate yourself from the problems of your mind
Do you know that the mind is not a solid thing, as you imagine? What you call ‘mind’ is no more than a constant flow of thoughts, where each thought is being swiftly replaced by the next. You hardly have any control over what thought is going to enter your mind next - because thoughts themselves flow in an illogical, chaotic manner.
But we give too much importance to this chaotic mind! For instance, we start connecting a few thoughts that run through our mind, and start giving profound meanings to them. If you believe that your whole life has been suffering, you unconsciously collect and connect only the painful incidents of your life, which strengthen your belief that life is suffering. This is called creating a ‘pain shaft’ – making an imaginary connection between disconnected painful incidents, which gives the impression that life itself is painful. Sometimes, very rarely, you believe life is joy! Then you connect all the joyful incidents and start believing life is joy. But whether you create a pain shaft or a joy shaft, please understand that both are not true, because the shaft itself does not exist outside of your imagination!
When we learn to disconnect or ‘unclutch’ from our thoughts, we become free of the play of the mind. We start living in the moment, without preconceived ideas. When you live above the play of the mind, you are living enlightenment.
You are a miracle of Existence!
Connect to the Whole
In Existence, there is nothing such as a separate, individual identity!
Even if we don’t always experience this in our everyday life, we are all intimately connected at the deepest level.
As we work with deeper and deeper layers of ourselves, we begin to see this truth. At the level of the physical body, each individual is distinctly separate. For example, if you eat a fruit, only you enjoy the fruit; even a person sitting right next to you cannot taste it.
When you move to a subtler layer like breath, you find that the same air moves in and out of everyone’s body; many people can share the fragrance of the same flower.
At the level of the mind, you may think you are separate, but we are all constantly relaying and receiving thought signals without our awareness! Our emotions also affect one another without our having to say a word. As we go deeper, we find that we are increasingly connected by the collective consciousness. At the deepest level of the being, we are all just part of the one Whole.
All the suffering you experience, whether it is physical pain or mental suffering or spiritual bondage, is born only out of the idea of being a separate being. Once you become aware that you are part of the collective consciousness and there is no one standing against you, you experience a deep relaxation and liberation.

Bliss attracts fortune!
Can you get rich by being happy?
Yes! It is possible.
Our thoughts and energy flow have the capacity to create and attract incidents and people of the same nature into our lives. Our thoughts and energy directly affect our body, our cell structure, our decisions, our capacity to carry out those decisions, the incidents in the outer world, even the accidents that happen in our lives!
Most of the time, our actions are prompted by either the desire to gain something, or the fear of losing something. When we function out of greed or fear, we create a negative mental setup and corrupt our energy flow. Naturally, this is going to reflect in the results of our actions.
If we can change our mental setup to one of bliss or ananda, we will be brimming with energy and clarity.
We will experience a deep connection with the energy of all of Existence. A clear, integrated intention, has the power to change even the outer-world incidents of your life. Your inner bliss has the capacity to attract outer-world fortune. When your mental setup is driven by inspiration and joy, you automatically attract all good things to yourself. 

Conflict-free living
Handling life situations with ease
Conflict-free living is living completely at ease with your body, your mind, and the circumstances that you experience in the outer world. We continuously experience some conflict or the other every moment - in our relationships, our goals, in our desires, in life situations.
We invariably attribute our conflict to someone or something in the outer world. We blame the outer world for it.
People ask me, ‘Swamiji, how can I be conflict-free in a world that is filled with conflict? Only when the whole world is silent, happy and peaceful, can I become conflict-free.’
Every leader who declared war claimed that he was going to bring peace to the world!
A conflict-free world starts with a conflict-free individual. To start living a conflict-free life, all you need to do is bring in the energy to change the things that need to change in your life, and the intelligence to accept what need not change. Above all, understand that whether you change anything or not, life itself is a continuously changing phenomenon.
Once you realize this, you will naturally hold onto the one thing that never changes: the eternally unchanging Truth. Then you will automatically be conflict-free. When you start living a conflict-free life, you start living enlightenment. When there is no conflict inside, you experience no conflict in the world! 


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